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Presidential Trivia & Road Trip Guide

February 14, 2016 | Permalink

There's no doubt that we all appreciate President's Day for the time off from work, but with an election right around the corner, there’s never been a better time to start taking the day a bit more seriously than we normally do. If the last time you cracked open a history book was your senior year of college, or if you're a history buff who hasn't had the time to indulge in your interests lately, why not use this President's Day to brush up on your Presidential facts? We've combined some of the greatest historical landmarks in the US alongside fun bits of trivia about our nation's leaders. There's more to Presidential memorials than Mount Rushmore. Let's explore some new sights together.

Atlanta, Georgia
We can’t think of a better place to start your journey than Atlanta, Georgia, known for its hospitality and irresistible food! And after you check in to your Atlanta hotel, head over to check out Jimmy Carter's Presidential Library and Museum! Home to over a half a million photographs and 27 million pages of notes and memos from Carter's Presidency from 1977-1981, you'll never run out of things to see. The museum has something for everyone — and don’t count it out just because you don’t consider yourself a bookworm; take in the stunning Japanese garden designed by Kinsaku Nakane, or explore the rest of the property's 35 acres on foot. Part research library, part museum and total historical landmark.

A fun fact about Jimmy Carter? He was a speed-reader himself, enrolling in a speed-reading course and famously devouring about four books a week. Sounds like the library is a perfect tribute to him.

Augusta, Georgia
Since you're already in Georgia, why not take a little detour to Augusta. Just a couple hours east of Atlanta, Augusta boasts childhood home of President Woodrow Wilson, who governed our country from 1913-1921. Built in 1859 with red brick and gorgeous green shutters, the house is done in perfect Southern style, and is one of the best-restored presidential homes in the country — the Wilsons lived in the historic home during the Civil War, adding an extra element of historical awe. Take in a huge piece of our country's history during your stay in Augusta.

A fun fact about Woodrow Wilson? He was the first US President to obtain his PhD, so technically, he's Dr. Wilson!

Pineville, North Carolina
The often-overlooked 11th President of the United States, James K. Polk, was born in scenic Pineville, just an hour or so outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. His birthplace home has become a memorial and educational site to showcase what life was like in the late 1700s. An ideal place for curious children, you’ll learn how to churn butter, sew and even hear about how people dressed in Colonial times. The house has several staff members who participate in historical reenactments.

A fun fact about James K. Polk? His nickname was "Young Hickory," as he supported the "Old Hickory," Andrew Jackson.

Whatever your interests are, make this President's Day a trip to remember by visiting some of the country's most beautiful and moving historical landmarks and sites.


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