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Let It Snow and Hail: New Phone Apps That Allow for Winter Fun and Safety

December 30, 2011 | Permalink

The weather outside is indeed frightful in the wintery months, especially in areas of the country where the winter storms can leave you stranded, but with the perks of having a smartphone loaded with holiday and weather apps, you don’t have to worry about life being anything but delightful. As you travel this winter season, make sure that your smartphone is loaded up with apps that will make your travels safe and fun.

Winter Survival Kit App

For those who are traveling to vacations spots in the snow, part of your winter survival kit should also be the winter survival kit app, which was recently developed by the North Dakota State University Extension Service. The app, which works for both Android and Apple phones, helps stranded drivers notify family and friends if you’ve been stuck in the snow, calls 911 and even helps motorists know how long they can keep the engine running to keep the cab warm before carbon monoxide poisoning becomes a problem.

The Winter Survival Kit smart phone app is free for users, and might just be the tool that can save your life if you need help when trapped in the snow.

Ski and Snow Report

For those who are itching to go snowboarding or play in fresh snow, this is the free app for you. This particular app is meant to give you the latest snow conditions and ski opportunities near you, which will let you be able to plan snowboarding weekend trips in a moment’s notice. Ski boarders and snow bunnies alike can also look at the snow and ski conditions of their favorite out-of-the-area slopes and snow destinations, and they can keep tabs on the latest snow news there as well. This is perfect for the last minute getaway travelers, looking for an excuse to leave the area on a three-day weekend.

First Tracks

For those who like to plan road trips to new snow spots across the country, First Tracks might be the choice for you. This app is more likely to work for your desktop or for your tablet, as it is an Adobe Air product created by Hatchling. Find everything from directions to the new ski destination you are visiting to the forecast for the whole weekend on this app. Another addition that this product affords snow seekers is frequent updates on what mountainsides are open for snow sports and which are closed due to poor weather conditions. This might save you hours of travel only to be disappointed in the end.

Fizz Snow

For detailed maps of snowboarding and skiing slopes, this is the ideal app. The freshest snow is documented through this app, which costs smartphone users $2.99. This is perfect for those who are looking for a nice interface while they check out the weather of the area they are heading to. Seven-day and 48-hour snowfall forecasts are also displayed through this app, and you will be able to see the amount of lifts and trails that are open in any given area. New snow reports and visibility are also clearly indicated, so you never have to worry about the weather forcing you to hole up for the season.


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