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Focus Photos After Shooting Them with a New Lytro Digital Camera

November 11, 2011 | Permalink

While certain photography icons are rumored to be deliberating bankruptcy because they cannot compete with the digital age, other photography companies are thriving and actually taking advantage of the evolution of digital photography. Having ways to hold onto memories is easier than ever with the convenience of digital cameras, but there are still shots what are missed because someone might not know the basics of digital photography.

This is especially aggravating for individuals on vacations. Individuals on long-term vacations want to be able to take beautiful shots, and go to once-in-a-lifetime viewpoints in order to obtain these shots. Sadly, photos taken by an amateur photographer could come out blurry and out of focus, which can ruin a perfectly good shot that would otherwise be perfect for framing and displaying at home.

Scientist Ren Ng, who specializes in imaging at Stanford University, spearheaded a research project that just may have made photo problems a thing of the past. Lytro’s first consumer available camera—a digital camera that can capture living images that can be refocused after being captured—is perfect for travelers looking for a camera to capture ideal images from vacations.

Imagine this: a photo of your child running in a field wouldn’t be blurred; if you wanted to focus the photo on your child, a simple touch on the screen would adjust the image. An image filled shot would have endless focuses, all with a few taps on the screen. The Lytro camera allows its user to point at what he or she would like to be the focus of the photo and change the focus as he or she pleases, as many times as he or she wants. This would make it easier to use the same photo for multiple prints but with each having a new subject in the frame.

It sounds like this would be complicated, but the camera has an easy-to-use design and a moderate price. Essentially, anyone can own this equipment and take breathtaking photos. For those so inclined, the camera has an 8x optical zoom lens and a fixed f/2.0 aperture, and the shell is an anodized aluminum.

With its long cube shape, the new camera does not look like a traditional camera at all and uses light field technology to create its amazing photos. Essentially, this means that images are taken in a very low light, and they are captured almost instantly. The information taken from the photo can then be reorganized from the data, allowing the endless variations of focus.

Since the camera is easy to use, nearly every photo taken will be the “perfect shot.” Though the cameras have not yet hit the market, Lytro has a preview of what the “living photos” caught by its camera will look like once taken for users to play with on its website. It’s truly amazing to see how the photos change with a click of a mouse, and it almost appears as if the image shifts with the movement of the eye.

The Lytro camera will be released in early 2012. The Lytro desktop application is already available for Mac computers, and the Microsoft version will be available at a later time.


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